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Never Meet your Heroes, but See them Live as much as Possible.

Normally I pretend I’m too busy to keep up to date with a blog. Well, I’ve got a week off work right now so I suppose there are no excuses.

This week has been pretty boss. Stu bought me the best Christmas present ever last year, two tickets to see The Cure, and we finally went this week! The Cure are the best band in the world and their set was amazing. I am so buzzed still! It was the best!

Do I have shitty photos taken all the way from the back? You bet I do.
Manchester is a pretty cool place, and they have a Fab Cafe there too. I used to visit the Fab Cafe in Leeds quite often when Joni lived there so it was great to see this one too. We had a pretty good game of Streets of Rage and Street Fighter before the gig. Newcastle totally needs a Fab Cafe.
I really like Manchester; it’s a cool place to visit. The people there are really proud of the music scene they have and they have some cool record shops and coffee places.
Now that last year’s Christmas present has finally been received, I need to sort out this year’s. This is great in some ways, as we’ll be up to some cool stuff during Christmas (which I can’t really put online yet!) but it also means the whole present buying thing which is lame because it means too many people will be in the city centre from now until the end of January! Hopefully, I will survive it. If not, don’t let Paul touch my stuff when I am gone.

I don’t want to go to school tomorrow!

I know what you’re thinking. I’m not entirely sure where I’ve been either. Sorry about this blog being so lame over the past week- to be honest, I’ve either been working on some brand new projects or shopping, and I just think it’s really rude to talk about both. I’m not some self- obsessed idiot who loves to tell you what material crap defines her, or that these new things I’m up to will change the world. I have a feeling you prefer this blog how it is, no one likes those people 🙂

One exception to the rule is the WM3 show I have decided to put on this year, because I just feel like it’s something very important to me- plus, if more people know about it, it’ll be a lot easier for us all, haha! I got a fantastic message from someone on the WM3 Blackboard site the other day called Dina, who said she’s very happy for me to give her a call sometime for any advice, which is really awesome. Dina put on a massive show in Chicago for the guys, so I’m extremely grateful for any help! People can be really kind 🙂

If you’re scratching your head at this point, here’s where I started talking about the West Memphis Three and what I’d like to do.

I’m back at university tomorrow! I don’t want to go to school! This last semester is going to seriously suck! The workload feels far bigger than it probably is, and I just don’t like a lot of the people there. I have both Care Ed and AGC tomorrow, which is actually my longest day of the timetable at a tiny 4 hours. I think that means they really want us to be working when we’re not there, giving us all of that free time. Thank god I snuck tattooing into my dissertation, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to take this shit, no way.

So yes, tomorrow will suck. But after Wednesday I’ll be free from it for another few days, so it’s not all too bad! Not long now until I never have to see those fuckers again! Can’t wait. I have a feeling a mini road trip is in order.

Anything else? Oh yeah, Rachi and I are going to see this:

I think poor Rachi is still convinced we’re actually going to see Rage Against the Machine, thanks to me pissing around and confusing her, haha. But still! How can she be disappointed, this looks great.

I’m pretty sure that’s all I at least would like to say this evening, so have a good week everyone!

Sony have officially stopped making cassette walkmans. This makes me sad 😦

I’ve always been a cassette girl, and I own some of the best albums in the world on tape (just see the picture!). As you can see, I now have two ways I can play my tapes- the walkman, and the boombox, both of which are an endangered species- what is going to happen when they’re both broken?! Future, I do not like you!

Yesterday was Super Awesome.

I woke up yesterday to the radio playing Teenage Dirtbag by Wheetus- I wanted to put up a video, but Tumblr doesn’t like that. Dicks!

After that:

  • Pay day!
  • Sunny weather!
  • Marlbro Reds and a can o’ Monster!
  • Hayley’s waters broke!
  • Got to interview someone super groovy!

Just when I thought the day couldn’t get better, Chris and I finally went to see this:

With some of these:

AND THEN found out about this!

Wow! What an awesome day!

Today, of course, wasn’t as great, though if we’re counting extremely early in the morning it’s groovy, as Hayley had her baby at around 3 😉 Other than that, I’ve done some more work for Tattooist Art, and I’m about to write my socks off for Tattoosday UK and Tattoo.TV- adios!


My new favourite Smashing Pumpkins song. No, Zero, I’m kidding! LOVE MEEEE!

This should be more than obvious, but yeah, I don’t own this song. No infringement intended, but I mean they are giving it away for free with the rest of their album on the SP site anyway.

Now bring it out on tape so I can play it one one of these. 😉