CaptureIf you’re wondering who I am, then you probably stumbled across this blog having a mooch around the internet. I’m Mel, hey there! I’m a twenty-something writer from the UK. Currently, I write for Tattoosday UK and Total Tattoo, amongst a few other things. It’s great fun, so you’ll probably see a lot about that on this blog. Apparently you’re only as good as the music and films you dig, so I guess I should tell you that I love The Cure, Alkaline Trio, The Smashing Pumpkins and Blur. As for films,  anything with Vincent Price or Marilyn Monroe usually keeps me quiet. Robert Smith and Michael Jordan are my heroes, and Rick Moranis’ face always makes me laugh.

This really is just a crappy blog where I write about whatever’s happened in my day, like a load of other shitty blogs on the internet. You should probably close this window now, and get back to laughing at pictures of cats.


2 thoughts on “About.”

    1. Thank you, Sam 🙂 I can’t wait either, this degree had better hurry up and be over with! Just one more month, that’s all I keep telling myself 😉

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