Graduation, Barcelona, Becoming the best Pokémon Master I Can Be

This week has been the busiest and most relaxing week ever – Stu has graduated, we saw Lyla (Stu’s niece) & Co., and then went on holiday, all in the same week! So yeah, if you were wondering why there were no updates on North Rose, this is why:

I'm the one that doesn't have a beard.
I’m the one that doesn’t have a beard.

We had our holiday in Barcelona, by the way. It’s really awesome there. I’m too lazy to actually go into too much detail (and I won’t be that person who posts 10 blog posts for each day I was there), so here are some bullet points instead:

  • The best way to see Barcelona is by bike – you will see everything! It is really flat, which is fab because it makes cycling easy, but it also means you won’t get tired. Bear this in mind before cycling for five hours straight and then wondering why your legs hurt, because the ride is so easy you won’t realise at the time!
  • La Sangrada Familia is absolutely astounding, and if you’re lucky enough to go make sure it’s early in the day so that you can see all of the sunlight come in through the window. Also, try to book online because if you just turn up you’ll be disappointed (thank god for hotel wifi).
  • This is some of the best food you will ever eat. Ever.
  • Bottled water is really cheap there, but try to keep hold of your empty bottles as there are plenty of fountains and you will need them.
  • Ocata Beach is the best beach! Use sunscreen though- don’t be like me and my pink shoulders and feet!
  • El Bosc de les Fades is an incredible bar that you have to go to. You will feel like you’re drinking in a fairy tale.
  • You can get the metro pretty much anywhere, for a really decent price!
  • If you go to the old Olympic Stadium, you will have the best view of Barcelona and have a break from loud tourist places.
  • Ham and cheese should always come in a cone from a market.

I didn’t take my camera because I wasn’t sure whether my insurance would cover it, but I think I managed to get some decent photos from my phone:

Now that I’m back, I have become addicted to Pokémon Go, which will probably feature in another blog post. I’m off to catch some Pokémon, so I’ll catch you later!


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