Chilled bitch.

Life has been a bit busy lately – at least, too busy to blog. That’s my usual excuse, but whenever I go to actually write something I don’t really have too much to say, so I mustn’t really be that busy.

North Rose has been my main priority lately, and even then I haven’t been updating it as much as I used to update Tattoosday UK. That’s perfectly ok, though – I don’t want writing to be a chore, which it used to be. I used to write so that I had enough time to do everything else I wanted to do, like it was something I needed to get out of the way. Now I just pick it up whenever I want to, and people are lovely enough to come back when I post.

I’ve been doing a few bits and pieces as far as photography goes, too, but I’m always just taking my time. I’m not all about getting on with the next thing anymore, which is pretty awesome because I can have way more fun. Plus, with photography, you get to hang out with people’s dogs.


So yeah, if you have noticed that I’m not updating things as often as I used to, it’s because I’m chilling out to fuck and enjoying my life. At the same time, I do feel like I want to do more writing, so you might see more very soon. Thanks for sticking around with me either way, my dudes!



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