Ferank Manseed: Update

Hey guys!
It’s been a little while, but I’m going to kick-start this blog for the billionth time. Watch this space! For now, here’s an update from North Rose.

North Rose Tattoo

Hey guys,

Just a quick update: the Northside Tattoo fundraiser for Ferank Manseed has been confirmed:


All tattooers will be ready and waiting on the day for walk ins I’m sure, but it’s always best to make enquiries before you leave the house so you’re not disappointed. You can do that by clicking here to visit the guys’ Facebook page.

When you’re a tattooer, it’s really unlikely (to put it lightly!) that you’ll ever have paid sickness leave- you’re pretty much self employed, so every day you’re not working is a struggle! This is why it’s so important that everyone bands together as much as they can when one of us is in need. If you can’t make it, or can’t afford anything, at least make sure to spread the word, please. Ferank is a really cool guy so it’s no surprise how many people want to help and support…

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