Tattoo Stuff / Potato Tour 2015

Before I start, I should probably mention the fact that I’ve been writing again! Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how long you say you’re quitting writing for a bit, because something comes along that really makes you want to write. I’m not going to deny myself; it’s my website! Funnily enough, there were three things at once that I felt like talking about:

Screenshot (2)


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a really awesome documentary by Stewart Robson about Frith Street Tattoo, and you need to check it out if you haven’t already. It’s all about the guys that work/worked there, their influences, and how the shop is basically its own living breathing entity these days. It’s a really great documentary that I would totally recommend, and I appreciate Stewart sending it over for me!

The International London Tattoo Convention images


I was also sent over a press release for the next London Tattoo Convention. It looks amazing. The thing I’m most interested in is the new Ed Hardy exhibition that’s going to be there- I was actually really surprised to learn that he’s never exhibited his work at a tattoo convention before, so this will be a first. Very cool!



Finally, Total Tattoo Magazine did something really awesome on the cover of their latest issue. Instead of the usual ‘alt-model’ (yawn), they put a hand drawn and painted picture of a woman instead. I’ve been saying for ages that this is how it should be, so it’s great to see the guys taking a chance and going with it. Love this cover!

So, there’s that! Another cool thing I did last week was fly over to Northern Ireland to see Stu’s best friend get married. Northern Ireland is lovely- it’s very green, or at least it is to someone who lives in a city! Look:


I saw awesome things like a big waterfall in Glenariff (hope I spelled that right!) and Tor’s Head:

11949503_10153744268358974_7994827046588194299_n 11887913_10153248440373952_6647701997751073653_n

I saw an absolutely lovely couple get married too, and met some wonderful people! Considering I knew three people there, one of them being Stu, I never once felt awkward or weird, because Stu’s friends are all so friendly. Big thanks to Shishki and Catherine for inviting me to their wedding, to Andy for the awesome BBQ at his amazing house, and everyone else for just being belter!

It’s all back to normal though for now, especially since I don’t have many holidays left at work anymore! I’m back to painting my nails and then playing my bass to chip it all off (idiot), eating too much junk and then regretting it, and watching loads and loads of Dashie videos.


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