Finally. Winter is gone, everyone! It seemed to happen overnight. Suddenly, the days got longer, the weather got brighter, and everything seems that little bit better. I really hate the winter, so to see spring again is fab.

Along with all this time and sunshine I seem to have acquired, I have been super busy. Still pretty much chillin, but fucking killing it. We had a 4 day weekend just there and we went all over in Titch’s new car, seeing some signs and having fun. And we get to do it all over again next weekend! I would tell you all about it but I’m actually uploading this on my tablet on the way to Velma’s house, so instead I’ll let the photos below do the talking.

There should be some changes for me with work too, as well as a couple more photography jobs, so things are really coming up Millhouse at the minute. Super happy.


Super beautiful owl in Jesmond

2015-04-05 15.20.50

Crappy iPhone photo, but you get the idea! Also in Jesmond

2015-04-05 15.16.36

Everywhere he goes, this kid poses.

2015-04-06 14.22.29

Even though it was t-shirt weather yesterday, Tynemouth looked like this. There was so much mist everywhere that you couldn’t even see the sea, and it was really cold compared to everywhere else. It doesn’t stop most people, though.

2015-04-06 14.10.04

Awesome surf shop in Tynemouth.


Oooo a bit creepy! This is next to Northumberlandia, which is this bitch…


… Woah! You’re right bitch, that is a face in the hills. In fact, this is a whole woman in the hills.


Newcastle is weird.




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