Things have been lovely and quiet lately- I absolutely love it. I think that, after being so busy for such a long time, it’s so good to be spending some time chilled out. I do love to write, but it feels brilliant to be able to come home after work and do as little as possible.

Obviously, because of this, I know I’ve been pretty quiet. I’m still waiting for the summer, but I’ve had some fun things to do as well. I had the absolute honour of photographing my friends Nikki and David for their wedding at the end of last month, which was fantastic fun. I’d love to share all of my photos with you, but I think they’re a very private and personal thing, so there’s just the one above in the headers. I’d love to do something like that again.

This weekend is a long weekend for me, so I’m pretty content today! I do miss my little blog though, so I’ll probably start updating this a lot more often once I’m quite happy that I’ve had a good break.

I hope you guys have a great Easter holiday! 🙂


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