Waiting for Spring

I feel as if I’m always waiting for better weather around here. I can’t wait for Spring to come along, so I can take more photos and enjoy being outside again. The Winter really sucks! I want good weather- hopefully it won’t be too soon, considering I took this photo in April last year:


Just one more month, then I’ll be okay!

If you follow Tattoosday UK, you may have noticed my update on there this afternoon. If not, here’s the Spark Notes version: I’ve decided that I won’t be updating that blog very often anymore. I think I’ve said all I wanted to say, and for it to be running for six years is kind of cool anyway.

I had actually written more on this to put here, but I think it’s all been said. I’m not going to disappear, of course- I make too much noise for that! I’m just focusing my attention on other things. Thanks for reading the blog for so long, though!

Hopefully the weather will get much better, and I’ll have even better photos to show you soon.


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