As I mentioned in my last post, Stu took me to Edinburgh over the weekend, and it was amazing. I absolutely love Edinburgh, and had such a fantastic time.

The buildings in Edinburgh look absolutely amazing. The town is basically one huge castle, overlooking loads of really old and intriguing buildings. There’s something down every nook and cranny, and you can’t help but spend half of your time looking around at what’s to see.


We started off in the Scottish National Museum, which has a great exhibit on at the moment about video games. I couldn’t take a photo to show you as there was no photography allowed, but basically there are loads of games there, from old arcade machines to new independent games on the iOS store or XBox Live. I had a blast playing old Sega Megadrives (my favourite console ever) and Stu managed to beat me at Let’s Dance.

I love museums, so we ended up looking around for hours in there. The dinosaurs are always my favourite.


The next day was spent at the zoo, which is one of my favourite places ever. Edinburgh Zoo is a great place; they really look after the animals well. The chimps and penguins are amazing, but I have to admit the pandas are kind of boring. They make a huge deal out of having the only two in the UK, but pandas sleep for about 16 hours a day, so they don’t make great zoo animals. If you want to queue up and stand in a small crowd to see some pandas sleep, though, this is totally your thing.

We were waiting for the penguin parade when this little guy came over to us and chilled out with us both for a little while. I love him:


If you climb all the way to the top of the hill in the zoo, you get an amazing view of the city, by the way.


That night, we went to the White Hart Inn, which is the oldest pub in Edinburgh. It’s also the place where Burke and Hare used to drink.

Quick History Lesson: Burke and Hare were two Irish men who moved to Scotland in the 1800s. They were found guilty of murdering people and selling their bodies to doctors for medical science. The White Hart Inn is where they used to get many of their victims drunk.

Funnily enough, we ended up learning a little more about Burke and Hare the next day, after going to the Edinburgh Dungeons. The dungeons are so freakin scary! I loved it and hated it at the same time; it was weird. They spent most of the time talking about Burke and Hare, and Sawney Bean.

Quick History Lesson 2: Sawney Bean was the head of a family believed to have lived in caves not too far from the city. The whole lot were an incestuous family of cannibals who killed travellers and ate them.


I think that if I go anywhere again, and someone mentions dungeons, I might sit it out. I hate getting frights!

We did some good eatin’ while we were there, too. For all you foodies out there:

10 Second Restaurant Reviews

The Caffeine Drip Amazing coffee, even better bagels

La Favourita Fantastic service and food- make sure you’re hungry because they’re huge!

Fountain Café Great place for a bacon sandwich- location is class for the train!

The Red Squirrel Massive burgers done right, if you can wait for a seat

Café Bleu Lovely owner, fab French toast, but it’s so tiny inside!

2015-01-02 11.22.58

I’ve babbled on long enough, but I would definitely recommend you visit Edinburgh. As a kid I never saw much more than the zoo, but now I’m older I can really appreciate what a great city like this has to offer. Plus, with all the castles and old buildings, it’s totally Goth Town.

I’ll finish with my photos; feel free to look through the gallery.


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