Well guys, I hope you’re all having a great new year. I’ve decided for the millionth time I’ll start blogging more, so let’s see how long this one lasts.

Generic New Year Post :
Well it’s been such a year, some ups and some downs. This year I’m going to latch onto whatever the new year resolution fad is, wish me luck! Let’s have a fantastic 2015 guys!


I’ve spent my new year seeing some amazing fireworks, eating lots of food, and spending my time with some great friends and my awesome boyfriend. It can’t really get much better than that for new years- who wants to get too drunk and be sick, that sucks.


Tomorrow, Stu and I will be up super early to get on a train to Edinburgh, and I am so excited! I’ll post some photos when I get back. I quite like doing the whole tourist thing, and I love Edinburgh. I’m hoping we have time for the zoo, the national museum and lots of coffee shops.

As much as I like to take the piss out of a lot of people who post self indulgent bollocks about their perfect year online, I do hope you guys all have a fantastic 2015 with lots of love and happiness.


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