Leeds, Fundraiser, Etc.

I have been so busy this month, it’s been unreal. Among the usual kind of stuff, Stu and I went to Leeds for a tattoo convention, with Neil Dalleywater and his lovely lady Catharyne. It was so great to get back to a convention and spend some time with some really cool guys. You can see my coverage for Tattoosday UK by clicking here.


After visiting this convention, I feel super inspired and ready to visit more shows! I will be at the North East Tattoo Expo, which looks like it will be a great show.

While I was at the show, I was almost shadowing Neil, for Total Tattoo. Despite being at a fair few conventions over the last five years, sometimes it takes someone with more experience to point out the most simple things to you to show you how you could be doing even better. Neil showed me what he called the lazy person’s guide to covering a convention, and I think it’s really helped me out! I think that my convention coverage will be a lot better than it previously was, now, and I’m eager to get to the North East Expo!

The fundraiserย is coming along really well, too. Lately, loads of great tattooers have got on board, and I am super excited to see what they end up contributing. I desperately need to update the site for it- I’ll probably do that this week. The response to it has really been amazing, and I’m super grateful to know such generous people. Paul Butler’s page will be ending towards the end of the week, so we’re hoping for one last push there! PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS PAGE!


I will be having some more news very soon!

There’s been a lot more going on, but to be honest I am already too lazy with this blog. I don’t want to update this too much, otherwise you’ll expect more updates, and I can’t be arsed! Instead, here’s a photo from a walk around Brunswick the other week:


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