Been Quiet

So, I’m well aware that things have been quiet since my last post about the column. Don’t worry, I’m still as busy as a bee, and working on plenty of things, and you’ll all be seeing something by me in a newsagents soon!

In the meantime, though, I have a little something to show you guys. At my ‘boring day job’, there’s a charity art auction taking place at the end of the month, where one of my photos will be featured. This is a picture of one of my best buddies, Narla:



If you would like to own a one-off print of this photo, and raise some money for the fantastic charity CLAPA, please keep an eye on the Teleperformance UK Facebook page!

CLAPA is a charity that supports those born with cleft lips and pallets, and they’re amazing. My cousin was born with a cleft lip and pallet, so this is a charity that I think is pretty important to me.

Please help support this charity by checking in with the Facebook page at the end of the month! Or, if you think my photo is turd, give some money anyway. 🙂

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