Just Write.

Sometimes, when you do anything involving writing, it can be really tough to actually see anything finished. You’ll do drafts and re-drafts, and even then you’ll feel like you’re never good enough. You’ll assume that whoever is above you knows what they’re doing, and that you’re an idiot for not understanding it all. Half of the reason I’m still going is that people seem to really like certain things that I thought were utter crap, and it almost amazes me. Writers never think they’re any good at it, though.

I was having a bit of a block tonight, feeling a bit rubbish, and the Mr suggested that I watch the Charlie Brooker Writer Special. To be honest, he’s been saying it for ages, but I only managed to see it tonight. I have to admit, it did work!

The whole thing talks about the process of writing- the feeling that you’re a fraud about to get caught out, the nights spent thinking that you’ll never have an idea again, and the misery you put yourself through just to have something finished- it’s all there! The guys interviewed all write for shows like the IT Crowd and Doctor Who, and they’re really honest about the whole thing. It’s a really refreshing show- it’s basically what TV should always be like.

Anyway, I made a playlist so you can watch it. If you write, make sure you check it out!


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