Taxes? Fuck You!

Oh dear, it’s that time of year again! After spending ages trying to sort it all out, I’ve finally done my tax return, and done it properly this time. I hope. People at my day job think that it’s really cool that my face is in magazines, and whenever they talk about it I think about things like taxes and more or less laugh in their faces. There’s nothing awesome about this!

yo-dawg-i-heard-you-like-taxes-so-were-taxing-your-taxes-so-you-can-tax-while-paying-taxPro tip: When filling out taxes online, never ever press the “help” button. You’ll only end up feeling more lost than you were before. Also, if you hulk smash your computer while doing taxes, I don’t think they’ll let you claim on that as an expense.

At the moment, I am currently working on my next column, and another Tattoosday UK project. This new project may take a little while to complete, but I really hope you guys will like it. Now that my stupid taxes are out of the way, I can focus more on the fun parts of my job, instead of infuriating bullshit!

Speaking of things that are more fun, look what I took home from Velma’s house the other night:


Yesssss! Not long now until I have some free time to get back to my bass. All I need is some chill time, my beautiful bass, and some Dairylea Dunkers!

Oh by the way- Total Tattoo magazine has a new issue out! I’ll re-post the info to this blog from Tattoosday UK (just because I’m busy doesn’t mean I’m not lazy), but you should totally read this issue. The interview with Chad Koeplinger is immense. Read this, bitches!



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