Oh, Hi Stranger!

It’s a cold night in January, and it’s just gone midnight. I’m watching The Cure’s trilogy DVD, and drinking black vanilla coffee. It’s clearly a great time to bring back this blog. Hey bitches, I’m back! IMG_2897 I can’t really think too clearly about everything that’s been happening. I moved into a nice little flat, I finally saw Gary Numan live, and there’s someone pretty awesome in my life right now, too (but that stuff you should never write about online, common sense fans!). In all honesty, I’m really happy at the moment, which is totally different to how things were when I stopped blogging so much. Things are pretty damn awesome again! Instead of thinking about things that have happened, though, I’d rather look forward. I really want to up my game this year with my writing, and I’m busy working on a couple of things I hope you all think are cool.

Gary Numan = awesome!
Gary Numan = awesome!

In the meantime, though, I know it’s supposed to be ‘in’ to be all nostalgic and shit, so here’s a link to my top ten from Tattoosday UK last year: 2013 Oh yeah, Tattoosday UK turned five the other day, I should probably mention that too. It’s kind of a big deal to me; I never thought I’d have the patience to keep this going for five years. Thanks for all your support guys- I’m hoping to be able to put together something cool for it, but it’ll probably not be for a while since I only had the idea the other day, haha. We’ll see what happens, though, I might be able to pull it off sooner! I don’t really want to spend ages typing up a massive post here to say what I’ve been up to since August for the three people that read this blog (hi, mam), so I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. I will definitely be writing more on this again really soon though, so watch this space, guys.


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