Party Time!

After waiting for what seems to be a lifetime, I finally have a week off! It’s freakin’ awesome. I don’t have to wake up early in the morning! I don’t need to do boring things! And Spotify has Snoop Dogg at Coachella! Life is good!

There’s still some work- related stuff going on. As you probably saw in my last re-post, Total Tattoo is out now- buy that shit! You’ll love it. There’s also another thing I have going on at the moment. It’s all in the works, so I can’t really say much right now, but I think you’ll all really like it. Can’t wait to show you guys.


I’ve spent most of this week being pretty lazy, though I’m off to York tomorrow, which should be cool. I went to the Centre for Life and the Hancock Museum with my friend Paul yesterday, though, which was pretty awesome. We saw some really cool things, like old fossils and a mummy and dinosaur bones and stuff. And we went on a 4D ride, which was awesome. We saw some anamatronic dinosaurs as well, but Paul got scared of those. Here’s some photos of cool things:

Also, I went with Joni to see a new film on Sunday. It’s called Only God Forgives, and it’s the most messed up film I’ve seen in a long time. Just don’t see it. See Monsters University instead, that’ll keep you happy. Really, you will thank me.


That’s it for now; peace out home boiiiis!


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