Seed heads of change

I’m overdue an update today, but before I write anything I think you should check out Sally’s new blog! It’s lovely to read. 🙂

Eggs Honey Cream

I am constantly amazed by the different stages plants go through in their life cycle, each presenting us with a totally different appearance and each one beautiful and intriguing. It’s like getting several plants for the price of one. Take these, for example. Aren’t they just stunning?


As if honeysuckle is not gorgeous enough when it is in flower – with its elegant, blushed blooms and intoxicating scent – it then metamorphoses into these delicate, spidery seed heads. In the evening sun on my patio this evening, they made a translucent, ethereal display.

We’ve been having an unseasonably hot summer this year and the crops are ripening apace. The wheat field at the end of my garden has turned pale gold and its harvest must be fast approaching. Traditionally, of course summer is meant to be hot but we rarely seem to have periods of prolonged sunshine in Britain or, if we do…

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