Super Boring

I’ve been horrifically busy with work stuff this week. It’s good, but sucks at the same time. I think by the end of this week I was more than ready to chill out over the weekend. It was my friend Tony’s birthday on Friday, so we went out last night to see some Mexican wrestling and then went for a few drinks. The wrestling was pretty awesome; it was for this whole Vamos! Festival which they have every year in Newcastle. I really like Mexican wrestling; it’s so much more fun than regular wrestling.



Today, I was sorting out my dad’s old camera, and I found some photos he’d taken of one of his motorbikes. What a total legend. Some of the photos are actually pretty good; you can totally see where I get my talent from (ha!).



Today we booked some train tickets to go to York for a day. I’m pretty excited about it. The cool thing about living in England is that you can just hop on a train and end up anywhere else in no time at all. York is a really lovely place, too, so it’ll be a good break!



In all honesty, I don’t want to write about work-related stuff today, because it’s all that’s been on my mind all week. So, this post is a little short, and kind of boring, but I felt the need to just put up something. Sorry about that. There’ll be more stuff on my words and pictures another time.




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