Birthdays Are Fun

Well, I’m another year older this week. I’m really hoping that Blink 182 were wrong, and that people really do still like you when you’re 23.

I went out and had a really good time though on Saturday night. Most people just sit around and do nothing for their birthdays; instead I went to see this:

I went with my pals from ‘down mine’ to the Meow Club, which was pretty cool. We all came in fancy dress. I was the Silk Spectre, it was awesome! I’m going to another Halloween do next weekend at my auntie’s house, but I think I might turn my Silk Spectre costume into a Kill Bill one just for a change.

Paul’s costume was really great too, he was a Ghostbuster. I wish I’d taken a picture of his backpack, he made it from cereal boxes and bike lights and it was great! Nikki and Laura’s costumes were great too, and the other guys came as zombies and were scary and gross, haha.

Now it’s next week, and it’s back to reality until Thursday- boring! I think I will just wait for my birthday to come along, patiently. Plus I have the day off work for it, which is even better. I’ll just be right here, hurry up and bring presents! Oh, and if you’re stuck for something to get me, this will do:

Until next time, losers!


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