Get Well Soon, Manny!

I found out just today that one of my favourite people Manny, or ManWoman as some know him, is really unwell. This just makes me sad. Apparently, it’s not looking good, but he’s in good spirits. I think that anyone reading this should be sending him good wishes! He’s a really awesome guy, and he’s what people call the “Father of the Swastika movement”, which aims to separate the super cool swastika symbol from evil Nazi people. Manny actually helped me write an article on this once, and I feel like sharing it today. There is a Facebook page set up to send Manny good wishes, which you can do so here, or you can on his Facebook page too if you’re a friend. Anyway, Manny was really cool with helping me write this, and it ended up never being used by the magazine it was for, since they went bust or something. I’ve never posted up a .doc file on here, so I hope this works!

Swastika Feature


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