Being Unwell is CRAP

Being unwell is the worst! I’m currently nursing a hellish cold, and I can’t even go out this weekend and do what I want to do. It is so boring and stupid. On the bright side, at least I finally have the time to update this thing.

If you get to a really cool newsagents right now, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of the new Total Tattoo magazine, which has yours truly in it. This month I’m talking about something which has always ground my gears; the ideas of the ‘tattoo stereotypes’ which actually come from within the tattoo industry. I don’t mean the boring, ‘people with tattoos are criminals’ stuff, but more like the idea that everyone in tattooing loves bloody burlesque dancers and all that stuff. I’m not selling this very well, am I? It’ll make more sense when you read it, I didn’t feel like I was about to be sent out into the wilderness to live the rest of my short life when I wrote that. Anyway, you should buy it anyway, because Total Tattoo is awesome. Here is what you’re looking for:


I have been working pretty much every day lately, whether it’s with writing or the ‘day job’. Actually, writing is every day. Combine that with commuting time and an extreme hatred for Arriva, and it means that I don’t really have as much time as I would like to. I think I’m finally learning how to manage my time a little better, though if anyone has any tips I’d bloody love it! At the moment, iOS’s calendar app is my best friend.

I’ve more-or-less finished my next column already, though I had to ask for a little help from people, as there was a lot of research to be done! I put up something on my Facebook page, saying that anyone who could name for me some tattooers who have done what I’m writing about will get a scribbled picture of a dinosaur from me. I didn’t think this through, as I’m now going to be spending my weekend drawing dinosaurs- it should have been done ages ago, really! I suppose it’s a good thing, I will have something to do this weekend while I’m stuck indoors feeling sorry for myself.


Other than that, there are some cool things coming up soon, so just sit tight and hope that I can update this blog properly very soon. Thanks for your patience!


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