Surviving the Apocolypse

There’ll be one or two people out there who will have been wondering what happened to the blog over the past few days. Well, Mother Nature fucked it up, I guess! Newcastle turned into a scene from the Day After Tomorrow. It’s been on the news, and ever since it was on the front page of one of the newspapers, everyone I know from outside of the North East has been going a little mental. It was bad, but it wasn’t exactly Hurricane Katrina either. This happened, though:



It took me five hours to get home. Honestly. The Metrocentre was flooded, there were no busses to be seen in the Haymarket, and everywhere looked like a swamp! Fog on the Tyne I’m fine with, but lightning?! We’ve been having problems updating the site, but things are fine now and Hannah has helpfully just posted something up for the weekend. I have also written Monday and Tuesday’s posts, so we’re good for now! I heard there may be more lightning on Wednesday, surely not enough to cause the same bullshit as Thursday though.

Ever since, I’ve been really tired and I was very unwell last night (I think I ate something weird), so this isn’t really a big update, but I thought you guys should know at least what’s been going on, since many people saw everything on the news. It wasn’t really as bad as it looks, and I’m still alive! Thanks for the messages though, folks!

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