Total Tattoo OUT NOW, and some other cool things.

It’s been almost a month since I updated this thing. That’s just embarrassing. Damn, sorry.

Well, now I’m here I’d better tell you that Total Tattoo is out and has my dumb face in it, so hurry up and buy it before it’s too late! It’ll only be out for another week or so. This month, I’m talking about the influx of tattooers who have been stealing work from others lately- but, as always, I’ve put my own spin on it, and been a little more positive than you normally would be about this kind of thing. I had a lot of fun writing it, and as always I’m honoured to be in this magazine. You can get it at all good newsagents now- get on it!

Things have been going really well on Tattoosday UK as well, so much so that I’ve been able to take a step back a little to work on everything else. Rich, Hannah and Rachel are really starting to get the hang of how everything works, and their writing has been improving every time that they send me something new.

I think, if you have the time, you should be taking a look at some of their work! You can check out everything they’ve done through a handy profile page feature we have on the site, by clicking on their names below:

Rich Jones

Hannah Smith

Rachel Lovett

Away from writing, I was also able to meet up with one of my best friends Hayley, who I haven’t seen for ages. Hayley was fixing some of my tattoos I got a while ago, which is seriously awesome of her. Here’s a lesson you probably already knew: if you’re getting a tattoo from a relatively new apprentice, you will have to have it re-done. I’m not one of those people who can be bothered with regrets, so I’ll just stay happy that Hayley did her magic! Hayley is an amazing tattooer who works in Inkslingers, Newcastle. Look at the difference:

Tattoos below fixed by Hayley Parkin.

Other than that, I’ve been doing the usual stuff (there’ve been a lot of parties lately, for some reason), and trying to find a place to live! Joni and I are still trying to find somewhere to move into, but it’s kind of hard when we don’t even have the time to meet up and look around. I just need somewhere to hand my mirror ball and my signed Aerosmith photo, I didn’t realise it was so hard. Hopefully I’ll be bloggin’ from a new HQ soon enough.

I would love to write on this as often as I used to, but saying ‘I’ll be back soon!’ might be a lie, so I’ll just say I’ll be back on this as soon as I can be. Thanks for reading.


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