Some Stuff I Did.

So, I’ve been keeping busy, of course. Here are some updates.

Firstly, my latest column in Total Tattoo is out. Sorry for not posting about this sooner. This month I’m talking about the constant evolution of tattooing, and the newer styles everyone seems to be drooling over. Hopefully, it’s something which you would like to read. It’s out now in all good newsagents, and looks like this:

This just came in the post. Buy this month’s Total Tattoo for very cool things (including me!).  (Taken with instagram)

Next month, you’ll be able to see my coverage of the Peterlee tattoo convention. I’m pretty excited about that one, as I’d never done it for a magazine before. Hopefully I haven’t fucked that one up. Find out next month, eh? Haha. What a plug.

When I worked at the Peterlee convention, I realised just how much I really love to do my own photography for what I’m writing. Obviously, since I write about tattoos that’s something which isn’t normally possible (as I often write about tattoos where the photo was taken right after it was done, or about conventions on the other side of the planet which I couldn’t get to), but I really enjoy it. I might start looking for some photography work for things other than tattooing, if only to see if I’d be good at it and enjoy it. We’ll see, but I think it would be cool.

Things with Tattoosday UK are going very well at the moment. I keep getting notifications from WordPress saying that someone likes the blog, or likes a particular post. That is really cool. For a little blog which covers only one subject and refuses to accept adverts, it’s getting really popular. I think I’ll be working on a few things for the site over the next couple of weeks, I’ll keep anyone who reads this posted.


I might as well pimp out what my best mate Joni as been up to as well- he gets upset when we don’t, haha. Joni’s latest short has been put on YouTube, and I really like it. It has Ben Crompton in it, who you may have seen on Pramface recently on BBC Three. Joni produced this, which is really cool. Throwing out some best-pal-love with this video:

Legs (2012)

This has been pretty much it over the past week or so. Right now, I’m saving up to make cool things happen, and I’m working a lot. Sorry if this means my blog is crap and boring!


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