Work Hard.

I’ve been so busy lately it’s not even funny anymore. My brain hurts, my muscles ache and I’m still wondering, “what was that thing I was supposed to do?”. Bollocks.

Work has been mental, in both of my jobs. I’ve been so busy, though I’m not complaining. I like to work hard, you’re a nobody if you don’t work hard. As far as Total Tattoo goes, I’ve been receiving some lovely emails and messages from people lately. It’s always a great surprise, and I’m grateful for the support.

Oh, I will also be covering a convention for the magazine in two week’s time. I’m really excited, as it will be for the Peterlee convention, and it’s their 10th anniversary. If you see me there, make sure you stop by to say hello and maybe have your photo taken for the magazine. I’m pretty sure I have everything sorted for it now, so my trusty Nikon and I will be taking photos like this again:


I even have the day off the next day so I can do my write up before I forget anything. Get in!

When I haven’t been working, I’ve been seeing some of my friends. Last night Joni was finally finished with his stupid film stuff so we could go out.



I had a really good night last night with him and our other mates. We went to The Godfather for some food, and I really loved it there. Great food, great wine, great service. Foodie type people, here you go:


Seriously, I cannot recommend this place enough.,+newcastle+upon+tyne&aq=&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=15.612814,28.256836&ie=UTF8&hq=the+godfather,+newcastle+upon+tyne&hnear=&radius=15000&ll=54.973056,-1.611512&spn=0.071946,0.071946&t=m&output=embed
View Larger Map

I also recommend Tokyo, where we ended up afterwards, but anyone who knows me and Joni already knew that.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be working, mostly. I’ll still be able to play out occasionally, and I’m really excited to go out after work on Wednesday to see The Raven. You should check this out if you haven’t already:

Also, let me know you this poster for an event in Newcastle which will be taking place. It’s basically a tattoo fundraiser for Help for Heroes. Click here for that, I won’t repeat myself, haha.


I think I’ve just about caught up with everything work-related this weekend, so I should be able to update this blog a little more often. Until then though, stay classy.


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