Upside Down People know My Name

Well, it’s been another busy week.

Firstly, I am extremely humbled and happy to say that I have been nominated for an award! The Australian Industry Awards have nominated me for best tattoo journalist, and I am seriously happy about this. I’m sure I won’t win, but it’s great to be able to take part. Thank you very much to anyone who has voted for me. If you would like to, you can click on the link below to cast a vote!


Hey I don’t want to be greedy, but this is my blog after all, so I guess I can mention you can nominate me for a UK Industry award as well! Why not, eh? You can click on the link below to do that.



Other than that this week, I’ve been having some fun. On Thursday evening, Lauren, Joni, and I went to the Bridge Hotel to see Matt Lodder do this talk on tattooing and history. Matt is the Robin to my Batman in the Total Tattoo opinion columns (yes, I’m always Batman in these scenarios in my head). The Bridge Hotel is a lovely pub, have a look at this:


It actually looks nicer at night, but I couldn’t find a picture of it at night on Google Images, haha. Anyway, Matt did his talk, and it was pretty interesting. If you find Matt is doing a talk near you soon, I’d recommend it. If you know a lot about tattooing, you may not learn anything amazing, but the Q&A at the end is always interesting. If you know nothing about tattooing, you’ll learn a couple of things that hopefully make you think and make you want to look a few things up when you get home!

Matt is also a really cool guy, and it was really great to see him, as it always is with those I work with (but rarely see!). I’m now more than ready to get to the Peterlee Convention next month and chill with me pals!

Peterlee is going to rock as well,  of course. This year has a Las Vegas theme, so you all better dress up. I have no idea how to dress up with a Vegas theme, while still being comfortable enough to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I think, for now, that’s your lot from me. It’s Sunday night, and all I wanna do is wash my hair, watch Being Human and play a little NBA Jam before yet another busy week. Where the hell are my pyjamas?

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