Go To These Things.

Oh, it’s always bad being so negative, and I feel I should follow up my last post with some cool things that happened.

I’ve been working constantly lately, it’s been mental! I’ve had some cool days off though as well. On one day off, my mate Ian Parkin gave me this:


Shit dawg! Ian is a legend. You should check out his studio here.

Oh yeah, Total Tattoo is also out now. Joni and I did the usual trek to WHSmith to go “shit it’s as if I’m famous!”.


Some cool things are happening soon, by the way. On Wednesday, my columnist partner in crime for Total Tattoo, Matt Lodder, is giving a talk on tattoo and art history. We will be at the Bridge Hotel in town from around 7PM. Matt is really cool, and he has some interesting things to say, so you should definitely get on it. Click here for more info.

It is also almost time for the Peterlee Convention as well. You should click here and see what I wrote about that just today. I’m really excited for that weekend, actually. I’ll be going to see the Harlem Globetrotters the night before as well! Get in! I’m currently persuading Clair and Gary Wiedenhoff to also come along to have the BEST WEEKEND EVER.


There is actually more stuff happening soon, but it has taken me ages to write this one post, because I am still busy, haha. Just remember- get to these cool events, and buy Total Tattoo magazine. Aw yeah.

Oh, and don’t forget who OWNS YOU:



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