Pressing Play.

Sometimes, you just have to put your life on hold.

For the past month or so, I’ve been in zombie mode, not really doing anything other than working and sleeping. I think that on rare occasions, we all need this. However, twenty two days late, I think I’m ready to start my 2012. In China this would be completely acceptable, since it’s the Chinese New Year tomorrow.

I think this year may be a good year for me. At the start of January I told myself I would lose the weigh that I put on over Christmas. Well, I’ve done so well that now my jeans don’t fit. That’s got to be a good sign. I’ve always been a bit of a geek, so I guess making a list for pressing play on my life is a natural thing to do.

  • Write something huge.
  • Get back to learning about photography.
  • Go out more.
  • Draw.
  • Read properly again.
  • Have better relationships with those who actually matter.
  • Continue the pilgrimage to one of The Cure’s shows.
  • Play my bass again.

And… well… I dunno, some other crap. That’s a pretty generic list up there when you look at it, but when you start doing those things again you realise that the smaller things help you feel alive. It’s not all about getting up at 6.30, going to work, having your tea, writing, showering, sleeping and repeating for five days a week. That’s boring. That’s for wankers.

For those who care, this all means that you can expect to see more work from me in upcoming months. I want to kick-start some new projects, and develop a few skills I have. I think you guys will all like it. Hopefully, anyway. In the mean time, you’ll be able to see a new column from me in Total Tattoo next month, and I may have the time next week to change a couple of things on Tattoosday UK around as well. 2012, I have decided to kick your ass. Wear a cup.


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