RIP, Computer.

Well, it’s been a while. Okay, it’s been a month, and I never did tell you the rest of what happened on my birthday, but I’m sure some poor sap will see that as a while. I’ve had a couple of messages from you guys, and I’d like to confirm I’m not dead… but my computer is.

Yep, my faithful writing companion since 2007 is now dead. It was a long time coming, to be honest. It was already terminally ill with bloated software and crap. It stayed a short while away from me while I used someone else’s computer, which upset it even more. Then, I had a horrible break up, and by the time the computer came back to me, its heart couldn’t take any more. Poor thing now commits suicide after twenty minutes of use from the traitor who made it live at Peewee’s house. I apologised, but it wasn’t having any of it, so I had to buy a new computer.


I got a great deal from some dude named Matt on an old MacBook, which I’ll be using while I save for a MacBook Pro laptop. I love it, and I’ll be able to write again, which is the biggest relief ever.

I’ve realised just how much I love writing, now. They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone- it couldn’t be more true, really. Among other things I’ve lost lately, not being able to write drove me mental. I’m ridiculously happy now that I can write again.

Fuck it, I might even write a whole book on this thing. Then never release it, to prove I was doing it for the sake of writing itself.

Anyway, I am back, thank you for being concerned.

I will be updating this blog a lot more often now that it doesn’t make me bang my head against the walls. If there’s anything you’re interested in, let me know. I’ll be updating you all on what’s been happening with m writing this weekend. Thanks for your patience.



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