Halloween and my Birthday- the definition of ‘Good Times’ (Part 1)

I’m getting lazy, let’s put Monday and yesterday in one post.

Monday was awesome. Really awesome. One of my favourite ever Halloweens. After sleeping off Danielle and Kev’s wedding, I popped down to see my pals at Inkslingers, in Newcastle. They were having a ‘trick or treat’ day with Siobhan and Lauren, the apprentices in the studio. The idea was simple- they had a really cool flash sheet, and you could pick something from it, and pick a card from their witch’s hat. If you picked a card that said ‘trick’, you paid 30 quid for the tattoo. Pick ‘treat’ and it was free!

I love Halloween and I love free. Of course I went. Look what I got:

Awesome! A free tattoo! I just had to choose one, haha. I spent ages looking at the flash sheet, and wondering which one I wanted to get. You have to realise, the sheet was a bit too good, and I had some real trouble deciding on just the one.

“Why not get that Grim Reaper Siobhan drew a while ago?”,  Paul said. He was talking about this bad lad:

Wow, what a cheeky little grim reaper! He’s a little bigger than what was on the Halloween sheet, but we’re all friends so Siobhan said she really wanted to do it!

Now, Siobhan is just a baby tattooer- she’s only been tattooing for a short while, and she’ll still be an apprentice for a while, too. With that being said, being tattooed from Siobhan is a pleasure. She’s great for where she is, she’s gentle and she’s a lot faster than she seems to think as well. Also, she is my friend, and I love being tattooed by my friends, it makes everything class. 🙂

We decided to get my other arm filled in a little more to start to develop a kind of half sleeve. I already had one tattoo on this arm at the top, but this is a welcome addition! Here’s what I ended up with:

Sorry for the lame Instamatic picture, my computer is going way too slow for me to turn the original the right way around to put in this post.

After that, I did some shopping and met up with Peewee for some bowling. I don’t really want to talk about the bowling. Haha, I’m kidding, but I did lose- clearly because of my new tattoo and not because I’m really shit at it (of course!). We played on the arcade games as well, because this is the perfect sort of date two geeks go on (I’m the lesser geek, trust me). Look what I won with my tickets, though:

How cute are these cool dudes?! I still haven’t given them names- comments below with suggestions, please.

After that we went to watch a scary film for Halloween- we ended up with The Killing Room, which is actually one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. It was one of those films where around the halfway mark, you both know it’ll not get any better, but you’ve got this far and you’re too stubborn to give in. I think we both felt relieved when it was over.

When it was, though, it was my birthday!

Now, I was going to write about this now too, but I’ve ran out of time talking shit with you all. I’ll pick this up again tomorrow after work, where I will talk to you all about this:

Until tomorrow, I wish you are all well, and I’d like to thank you for making my birthday really great. I’ll tell you guys about it all tomorrow, I’m off to the cinema with my boyfriend and my best mate, enjoying my last day off work!



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