Cognitive Therapy.

This is an emergency situation. We need to help Joni.

When I was at university, we learned a lot about cognitive therapy. Cognitive therapy is basically a form of therapy that acts on your behaviour, in the hope it will change in a positive way. Today class, we are going to help Joni, who will age another 20 years by 2012 if we don’t act now. Here is a picture of Joni eating Nachos.


Anyway, the idea is that if I put these pictures online, Joni will be embarrassed enough to stop with the old man stuff, and with purposely embarrassing me in public. He may need further therapy after this, but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it, I wasn’t that great at uni.

Yesterday, I was in town with poor, helpless Joni, and he was looking for some new clothes. Now, Joni isn’t like most people our age. He’s more about being dependable, hard working and plain old dull. That’s great, and Joni is a great guy, but his dress sense does not need to reflect that. Joni can be reliable, but look like a badass.

“Look at that t shirt with the naked chick on it, Joni!”, I said, walking around the shops. “You should buy that, bitches will love it.”

“No way,” he said, “let’s buy this instead.


That’s not really the look I was thinking of when I said I’d help him find some clothes.

I thought to myself that if I could get Joni wearing a cool hat, people wouldn’t notice the clothes. That didn’t work either.


“Hey what about this jumper here?, says Joni.


“Yeah that one’s cool, Joni. You could get some fabric paint and put some awesome flames on the sides of it”.

Joni wasn’t amused. Joni thought he would look cool without the flames, as long as he did this:


I’m hoping by this point he knew fine well I would put these online and was just having a laugh with me. Otherwise, we’re all doomed.

Hey, at least he didn’t show off his granddad socks in public.


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