Don’t Let my Feet Touch the Ground.

My computer desktop is probably a good indication of how busy I am right now.


Look at how frickin’ organised I have to be these days. No more pictures and files dumped anywhere, no time to look for them later. No time to write whatever I feel like, no sir! We now need some kind of itinerary.

You would think a lazy sod like myself would hate all this, but I love it, to be honest. I think I just like to keep busy.

Sally emailed me the other day- my first article for Total Tattoo has went to the printers! No going back now, so I hope you all like it. Matt Lodder tells me we’re sharing that column- that’s awesome, yet terrifying, as his work is immense, whereas mine is just ‘Mel talks shit’. ‘Mel talks shit’ is actually the explanation I give to people who ask what the column is about. I think it’s appropriate.

Either way, I am super excited, so I hope you all buy it when it’s in the shops. I can’t remember the exact date for that so let’s just say….. oh, October 10th, it’ll definitely be out by then anyway.


The wonderful Mike Stratton also told me this morning I am an associate member of the MKAPT- which is the Milton Keynes Alliance of Tattooed Professionals. Being neither a tattooer or from Milton Keynes, it is truly an honour. It’s got to a point now with my writing where I’m really being accepted by some amazing artists, which is really cool. Since there are so many idiots trying to jump on the ‘tattoo bandwagon’ right now, people can sometimes be wary of me since I don’t tattoo. You’d think I’d be pissed off about that, but I actually understand completely. I don’t really experience any of that anymore though, quite the opposite. I love it, I think it’s one of the biggest compliments you can get writing for tattoos! So yes, today is a good day.

By the way, I didn’t mention this last week for some reason, but the Smashing Pumpkins are playing in Newcastle. AWWWW YIIIIIH! Have my ticket already, if you’re a mate and you’re coming along, let me know and we’ll chill and shit. Super excited for this.


Other than all this, I’ve just been working and chilling out, to be honest. I’ve had some cool thoughts on some plans, writing-wise, which I’ve spent some time trying to work out. One of them doesn’t involve tattooing- ooooooooo, scary stuff. When you’re a writer, you’re always thinking about what’s next, and this week it’s been taking up some real estate in my brain. Thankfully, Peewee lent me his Spongebob DVD collection, which turns your brain off so you can relax. Awesome! I think I’ll do that now- tomorrow, I will be even busier than I was today.


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