Peaceful Weeks are the Best.

I think I quite like the idea of only updating this blog on a Sunday from now on. You can still find little updates on Tumblr though, here.

Okay, here’s some big news. I wasn’t allowed to say anything about this, but somehow everyone already seems to know now, so I’m extremely happy to be able to tell you all that I now have a column in Total Tattoo magazine! My first article will be in print in the next issue, which is out in October. Ever since I started writing I wanted to work for Total Tattoo, so this is really awesome.


I also have an interview coming up in Tattoo Revolution, though as always, I have no idea if I have to be secretive about that, haha. I kind of like being secretive about my writing sometimes, anyway. Plus, like I always say, it’s not really polite to talk on and on about something you haven’t even done yet.

Life in the real world is also cool. Spent yesterday here:


I love Stateside. Even if they have messed around with their menu too much.

Work is also going well, though I can’t wait for pay day now. I need sweeties and tattoos to keep me going, and for that I need money. I actually really enjoy working, everyone is really chilled out and friendly, and the job is different in little ways every day, so everything is really cool. Though, I can’t wait to have everything on my computer there set up, and have myself an iPhone, so I can still write on the sly, haha.

Oh yeah, I own a TV set now, for the first time in almost a decade. Queue washed out hipster picture:


What is up with TV sets now, by the way? This thing can plug into my laptop for YouTube, play my XBOX games in HD (obviously an alien concept to me until this week) and plug into my hard drive to play music and films, but I can’t seem to actually watch TV on it, because I can’t get a signal anywhere in my room. How the hell does that work? Whatever, I only wanted to play NBA Jam on my XBOX with it, but I still think it’s silly. TV sets have changed too much without me even realising, it’s strange to me.

I feel like an old person with an iPad, basically.

Apart from Total Tattoo, there are no real announcements this week, I think. Even from other people- Joni is still working on his film, Ian and the Inkslingers guys took the day off yesterday for Eleanor’s birthday (happy birthday, Eleanor), and no one’s done anything particularly mental to feel the need to talk about. I actually like the peace I’ve had this week.

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Weeks are the Best.”

  1. TOTALLY great about the column! One of the only magazines worth being a part of, I think. Possibly a little jealous over here..

    1. Thanks Patrick! I’m really really excited for it, though a little nervous as well since I’ll be sharing it with the amazing Matt Lodder. I think it’s one of the only magazines worth being part of too, a lot of editors could learn a lot from Sally. No need to be jealous though, it’s only a matter of time before Sally realises how class you are as well, haha. 🙂

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