I am turning into a dull grown up.

My first week at work rocked. Yeah, bet you weren’t expecting that! I’m really enjoying it all, and everyone is very nice. However, it is still boring to talk to you all about it, so I won’t bother. I really don’t want to be that geek that tells you how many awesome ingredients are in a bottle of Fairy Liquid, or whatever other crap I’ll be learning about next week. Once again though, to clarify something- this really does not mean I’ve stopped writing. I know the site was looking a little sparse over the week, but I’m still just getting used to managing my time properly, that’s all it is.

Plus, I don’t have the dolla for my new iPhone yet, which is what I really want to help me work things out- having a smart phone will mean I can write on the bus! Oh wow! If anyone else reading this writes and is wondering about tech things, I can tell you iPhones are really great for writing on the bus. I used to use my old one a lot in university, and the WordPress app rocks. So yes, excited for that, since it means I may be able to get more sleep, haha.


Honestly, you have no idea how much I’ve been missing my bed. Being able to write on the bus will honestly be the best thing ever.

Okay, what else? Oh yeah, this happened:


I went out with a load of the lads from down mine, and that is what happened to Peewee’s hand. Five hours of bleeding later, he ended up going to the hospital and is fine, but still- ouch. We all still had a really great night, though, even if I do still feel like crap now. Weekends are going to be something I appreciate a lot more now I’m working full time, so it was awesome to get out last night. Hey, I even had a lie in, saw Ian and Ronnie and went shopping- Saturdays aren’t going to be taken lightly anymore, haha.

Ah, this blog post is kind of boring, isn’t it? I apologise- I can’t tell you yet about some of the great things that have been happening, but I didn’t want to not say anything at all, since I do like keeping a blog. I guess you’ll have to all hold tight- in the next couple of weeks, there should be some really great things happening to keep you entertained. Until then, let me tell you loads of crap about work…


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