This Whole Internet Thing. Plus Announcements.

I wrote a blog post about how I’m tired of the whole social shit on the Internet, and how I’ll only be using Facebook for messaging my friends, updating the Tattoosday UK page and helping out cool people who ask for favours. Then I got bored of it, and deleted the whole thing. But, now you know anyway, from reading that.

Also, I made a Tumblr page, because I wanted something for my photos and Flickr is lame now. Here it is.


Now here is an announcement: our good friend Blake Heppell has left such a huge hole in our collective hearts after leaving Inkslingers to go home (haha not really, but we do miss him), and Ian is looking for another person to join the team. He says this: “I need a full time tattooer to join my crew. No scratchers. Must have a knowledge of real tattooing. If you are already at a studio and are good enough; I’ll do you a better deal than them. All inquiries confidential; I’m not looking to start a war here. Inbox me.” Inbox Ian here.

Now, here is another announcement: The lovely Trudy, who organises the Peterlee Tattoo Convention, has asked me for some suggestions for a hand tap tattoo artist she can ask to come to the convention next year for their 10th anniversary show. I’ve suggested a couple of people to her, but if you know of anyone else who may come along, it’d be great if you could comment below. Also, she needs suggestions for some entertainment- she wants something unusual and special this year! Please let me know!

Right, that is all, thank you for reading.


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