Saturdays are Awesome.


Saturdays are always cool. It’s just the law. Since I haven’t been updating this much, I suppose I should tell you about my Saturday.

Today, after getting ready, listening to some Beastie Boys and jumping on the bus, I took some pictures of my mate Ian for Tattoo Revolution Magazine. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be allowed to show you all which pictures I took, so here’s a funny one that didn’t make the cut. Ian’s blinking in this, not meditating. Unless you think meditating is cool, in which case I don’t feel sorry for putting this picture up.


Anyway, the interview should be hitting a shop near you in the future, so keep an eye out for it.

After taking these pictures, seeing Ian finish off a really cool dragon tattoo and listening to Ronnie’s rock star stories, I popped home and watched some Batman before I went out.


After that, I went to the dogs with my family. No real reason, just because we could.


I made two bets this evening. One on Lawless Robin, and one on Skywalker Flame. I’m sure you can guess why.


Did I win anything? Did I bollocks! My childhood heroes have totally let me down.


Still, I had a decent time, and spent less than a fiver! I’m definitely feeling a lot better than I have been lately, let me tell you that.

Oh yeah, and Ronnie showed me this:


Best picture ever.

By the way, I totally have a job now. I start on Wednesday, doing customer support for Procter and Gamble. It all seems pretty cool, and is pretty much the closest I can get to a job that has anything to do with my degree right now, since the government have cut everything (see the last post, haha). I just thought I should clear up to some people that this does not mean that I am not writing anymore. In fact, I have some really super cool things coming up that will blow your mind. However, writing is something I do because I want to- I don’t quite have what it takes to write full time, at least not yet. I want it to be something that I enjoy doing, and something I do for the sake of doing it. Right now, I make no money at all from my site. In all honesty, I like it that way- so, another job pays the bills well and will give me the means to go to conventions and other cool things, so that I can write about even better stuff for everyone! Besides, I have a real trek to work every day since it’s near the Metrocentre, so I’ll probably buy an iPhone and write on the bus in the mornings, haha.

I’d love to think that I could just put this out there and people will stop asking me about it, but you know how it is- hopefully that will stop a couple of questions, anyway.

Other than that, everything is the same. I’ll be writing, chilling out and sorting out some super cool things until Wednesday, then I’ll be starting my new job and juggling my time between that and writing. Then, Saturdays will end up being more than awesome, as I’ll treasure them dearly!

Thank you for reading.


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