Finally Home.

imageYeah, I’m not even going to apologise to you all for not updating this recently; instead I’ll tell you this: the West Memphis Three are free.

I will wait for that incredible news to sink in for a second.

Are you back with me? Great, look at this, from BBC News:

Three US men who say they were falsely convicted of murdering three boys have been freed after 18 years in prison.

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were convicted in 1994, but new DNA evidence raised doubts.

The so-called West Memphis Three were backed by celebrities who had raised money for their case.

They were freed from prison on Friday in a deal allowing them to claim innocence while agreeing prosecutors had enough evidence to convict them.

More here

This is the best news ever. Okay, it’s still a slightly bum deal since they had to agree that the prosecutors had enough evidence at the time, but why squabble over something like that over freedom? Not going to shit you all, I’ll admit I just cried like a bitch at this. Ever since I heard about the West Memphis Three (thank you, Matt Skiba and your awesome amps) I’ve followed this case. I read online reports, watched the documentaries, read Damien Echols’ book and told every one of my friends why this is important.


The West Memphis Three taught me the true value of freedom. They taught me what real friendship is, and that bravery is one of the best traits a human being can have. They taught me compassion and optimism. They taught me that even in the face of unjust consequences, it’s completely okay to be who you are, and that being smart is not a punishable crime. Basically, the West Memphis Three taught me a lot about what it is to be human.

After today, or in ten fucking years from now, I will still always carry that everywhere with me.

Today is a truly incredible day, and I’m thankful that it finally came. Raise your glasses, lads and lasses- the West Memphis Three are finally free.

For more pictures, click here– that’s the Denver Post, where these two pictures I nicked are from.

Also, this just made my day:



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