Silver Linings.

I love my city.


I think everyone already knows this, but today especially I love Newcastle. Up here, we get a bad rep a lot of the time, with loads of people from other cities taking the piss out of us, saying we’re stupid thugs. We’re never fazed by it, but it gets irritating.

However, this evening, when other cities were rioting, trashing local businesses and setting fire to things, the good people in Newcastle’s city centre were sat on deck chairs watching open air screenings of Toy Story 2 and The King’s Speech. Everything is peaceful up here, despite the Twitter drama and rumours. And I really love this.

imageThere are so many people around here who are getting behind efforts to discourage anything bad happening up here, and I think it’s really working. Most people who live in Newcastle are proud of their city. While I’ll admit some people want Newcastle to stay peaceful so they can rub it in London’s face, most other people just want Newcastle to stay exactly how it is, and want everyone to respect our city as we do. We were raised by Geoff from Byker Grove, and we’re all scared of Gazza’s fishing rod- so a riot is out of the question up here!

I’d like to think there are other cities that are also feeling like this, and banding together to show everyone that rioters will not be tolerated in their area. I haven’t seen it, but maybe that’s because I don’t live in those other cities.

I’ve embellished this blog post with some of my favourite pictures of Newcastle from my camera. Now I’ll proudly show you some things I’ve read on Facebook:

Everyone in Newcastle is star tonight.


I’d like to think that we’re all too proud of our city to destroy it… even the crappy parts of it!
Always proud to be a Geordie


I am proud to be from the North East.. no riots in Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland or the Boro. We still know what community means. Hey maybe old fashioned Northern values are the way to go.


imageLike I said, I hope this is happening in other places, too! It would be great to hear that there’s such a great community spirit in other places, and that there are people out there who really do care for the well being and safety of not just the people, but homes and local businesses around them, too. It might be a small silver lining, but it’s made me happy to live in this city today. And right now, the news is too terrible not to cling to your silver linings.


4 thoughts on “Silver Linings.”

  1. I so want to go to London, well mostly the entire UK…awww newcastle is a definitely a place I want to visit. I just want to see the buildings, the people, the way of life. New York gets a bit too similar, so a fresh approach to life would be so awesome. Maybe its because all my favorite soccer teams are in the EPL…who knows. lol. kudos

    1. London’s okay I guess, but it’s way too busy, and most people there look miserable. I only really go there when there’s something happening that won’t be coming up to Newcastle. Newcastle and Liverpool seem much more friendly- and we’re a lot cleaner as well, haha. Loads of litter down south!

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