I feel better now, guess it’s time to do this whole blog stuff.

My weekend was pretty cool- Joni, Jon and I went to see Super 8 in the cinema… then about half an hour later, Joni and I went back to see Captain America! Super 8 is a really cool film, it’s kind of like The Goonies meets Cloverfield. If you don’t know anything about this film, go and see it, without looking at any trailers or synopsises. Some parts of this film really surprised me- I was shocked at some of it, certain things were just so unexpected. There were a few too many jump shots, which I always find a bit cheap, but other than that it’s a cool film.


Captain America is really awesome as well- though some of it does feel like a bit of a build up to the new Avengers film that’s out next year. It’s a film for the little guy, I think, since Captain America was originally this little geek who ended up part of an experiment that made him just like his heroes in the war. It’s kind of patriotic for Americans, which to people in pretty much every other country is kind of annoying at times, but if you can get over that, it’s a fantastic film. It’s along the same lines as Iron Man, which is another great film.



So yeah, that happened. Oh, this happened, too:

I’m officially qualified to talk you through your problems and look after your small children. Don’t worry though, I won’t be leaving writing behind, I just started my degree before I became a writer to decided to stick it out, haha. If the right job comes along though, I’ll take it- writing doesn’t take up enough of my day anyway, which is why you all know from previous entries that I’m looking for a job I can do alongside writing.

Since I didn’t get home from the cinema until around midnight, I had no idea about these riots in London until yesterday morning. I’m pretty sickened by the whole thing. For my American friends who may not know, there have been terrible riots in London for the last three days. It all started because a drug dealer got shot, and some people held a quiet protest against it. Somehow, the whole thing has turned into a terrible riot, and there are people out there burning down buildings and looting. It isn’t about this guy being shot, it’s pointless and mindless violence. There are people out there whose family business have been burned to the ground, and loads of people have got hurt. People are worried that this will spread throughout the country, as there are now riots in Birmingham, and some people are saying there’s tension in Leeds too. I don’t think it’ll get as far as Newcastle, but it still makes me sad. It’s 2011, and we’re still fucking savages. We’re supposed to be the current prime selection of the human race, due to natural selection- do you believe that, though? I don’t.


It’s funny, loads of people don’t know this since I’m Robert Smith’s biggest fan and look like one of the “goth kids”, but I really like hip hop- sometimes I listen to rhymes by these guys who were rapping in the 80s and early 90s, talking about the war in the streets and how no one would take seriously a black president, and I think, “shit, things are still like this”. Things won’t change. And that’s what makes me really sad.

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