The Mel Noir Insanity Profile.

imageI feel terrible. Really terrible. When I feel this down, I don’t write on this blog- I write in a journal instead. Things so personal should never be electronic. When I finished writing about how crap I feel like my life is, I took a look through the thing. I really write some shit. I thought I’d share some lines here, since this will probably come in handy to whoever sections me later on in life.

  • When I die, if someone manages to clone me, give them this diary. They’ll be able to do the rest.
  • (When visiting Joni in Leeds) I’ve had better experiences than waking up next to this guy, let me tell you that. I’ve had worse though, once Scott woke me up.
  • What kind of a dumb fuck hasn’t seen Back to the Future? I hate people.
  • Serious, he can suck my arsehole (what does this even mean?!).
  • I was a little disappointed to see him leave, since by that time he’s been pretty canny towards me, but I was not going to spend the rest of my life with his face attached to my face (About a dream I had. I hope).
  • Radiator Face was getting tattooed, while I was trying not to laugh at him.
  • Ian slapped me in the face with two grand before. It felt alright, like.
  • What a fucking shite munching cleft.
  • Lauren has dreads now. It’s fascinating. She looks like a real hippy.
  • Life is good, life is great, I met a boy and no one likes you.
  • Sometimes I think about how Australian people are upside down, and it blows my fucking mind.

imageWhen I end up in a padded cell somewhere, could one of you guys do me a favour and pass this on? Someone probably needs it.

Like I said, I feel like utter shit at the minute, so please don’t expect much from me over the next week or so.

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