Bruce and Dick.

I’ve been listening to the same six songs on repeat for ages. And I feel like crap.

This week, I’ve been mainly working and chilling out at home. I’ve been getting the hell away from the internet and online TV, and having Fuck The World Evenings instead, where this is my usual view:


I haven’t been a total hermit though, in fact I went out yesterday to a pool party at my friend’s house. It rocked. We had a little pool, a BBQ and some great music and friends. It’s also the reason why I feel crap though today, as I ended up kind of unwell. Absinthe is bad for you. Still, I managed to have a good time when I was conscious. And I was the lifeguard at the pool! Nicki finds this hilarious- I was sat on top of a ladder with a whistle, shouting, “no running next to the pool!”. No one listened though, of course.

DSCN1114 I have some pretty cool pictures from yesterday. I might find some frames for them.

Anyway, I’m pretty dead today, then. I felt really terrible early on in the day, but my mate Dafta has made me feel loads better- he says we’re going to see Batman Live on Saturday, since he got some free tickets! Anyone who reads this will know I’m a really huge Batman fan, and I was a bit gutted because I thought I’d missed out on tickets, but now we’re going! I won’t be able to shut up about this all week. Just look:

I’m ridiculously excited.

Speaking of Batman, does anyone know why in the Adam West Batman show, the fireman poles leading to the Batcave were labelled “Bruce” and “Dick”? Because that just seems pretty stupid to me. Why do they have specific poles? Did Batman have a conversation with Robin about this, saying, “right, that one’s mine and this one’s yours”, saying they totally had to use the right one even if they were in a hurry? I mean, personally I wouldn’t give a shit enough to label them. While I’m at it, I don’t understand why they had a label for the security button in the Batmobile, that they covered with a label saying “start” when they thought they needed it. Why not just keep the label for “start”? I mean, they know what it’s really for, so why does it make any difference?

I over-think stupid things.

Anyway, that’s the crap that happened to me this weekend. Pool parties are the bomb, even in Newcastle.


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