Turns out you Can Polish a Turd.

I don’t really keep up with this blog as much as other people do these days. Half of the time I tend to write in this thing instead:

If something’s worth writing, it’s worth handwriting. My journal rocks, this is a PaperBlanks Emily Bronté book. They also have books based on the works of Shakespeare, Van Gough and Edgar Allen Poe. If I had known they had a Poe book, I would have bought mine online, as they didn’t have that one in my WH Smith. I’ll buy the Poe book next.

I’ve always kept diaries or blogs, but I never understood why. My life isn’t even that great.

This week should be busy- at least, I hope so. I’m still trying to find a job, which really sucks. Hopefully I’ll have this all sorted out soon. I mean, I’ve had a good education and I want to work, so I don’t see why it should be too hard. In the mean time, writing can take up the hours that many job seekers seem to spend in their underwear playing on Call of Duty. I don’t blame them really, the job market looks very bleak while we have this terrible government.

My arm has healed very nicely and I am left with a beautiful work of art on my skin. This is brilliant. I’m really glad my arm didn’t stay too swollen for very long, it actually looked comical. I still need a proper picture, but my sister’s pretending to be unwell so she won’t help me.

Anyway, things haven’t been too great, which I suppose is why I’ve been writing in my journal more than anything. Sometimes you just shouldn’t put certain things on the Internet. My moodiness and silly problems are some of those things. I think I’ll direct you to my friend Ian’s blog for now though instead, as he has a really cool interview on it between Bob Roberts and Jack Rudy that I loved reading. You can click here for that. That will keep you happy if you were coming here for something cool to read.

By the way, before I go- as of today I’m seeing how long I can go without the time-consuming and downright stupid Facebook wall. Since I’m always writing, I always have the stupid thing open all the time, and it just makes me dislike people. If you want to get in touch via Facebook, you can still put a message on my wall or send a private message, as I’ll probably get a notification through Google Chrome, but don’t expect all replies to be speedy ones. I’m on Google+ now too, which is probably better to keep in touch with since messages from those go to the bar at the top of Gmail. Click here for that. No weirdos please, I already have the need for a blocked list as it is.

I wish people would send each other letters like they used to. So much less hassle. I hate all this “social but not really being social” crap.


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