Well I guess the first call of the day is addressing TLC’s new show. As if I didn’t hate these parasites enough, their new show stoops to new levels of stupidity and disgust I didn’t even know as possible. The show? Tattoo School. Honestly, it isn’t a joke. These bastards are now telling people at home how to tattoo, saying you can do it in two weeks.

You all probably know I’m lazy, so it should be no surprise that I’m about to copy and paste here something I’ve already written:

Documentaries about tattooing can be really cool. In fact, when a friend is interested in a certain area in tattooing, I like to be able to recommend things they can watch as well as read about. I like to watch them myself, as you’ve probably seen from this site. Tattoo School, however, is not a documentary, as much as it will be advertised as so. This is another terrible reality TV dog pile. From what I’ve already seen though, many people will think this is all real. They’ll think they can learn how to tattoo in two weeks. They’ll go off, buy the shite “kits” and hurt their friends. They’ll rape tattooing as much as TLC do, and they’ll think nothing of it while they do so, because they think that this is how tattooing works.

Please, sign the petitions, join the groups, call the phone numbers and all that jazz. Also, I’ll be setting up a “virtual protest” page in the weekend, and I’ve been talking to this really cool guy who’s also setting up a site, so I’ll keep you guys posted on that.


In better news, yesterday was cool. I took a break from my computer for a day off, which was a really nice change. I saw my friends at Ian’s studio, first, which was cool. My friend Hayley was there, which rocked because I hadn’t seen her for a while. Thomas Morgan was there too, who I hadn’t seen since last time he came to Newcastle- very excited to see him again on Monday for a badass rose on my arm. I also met Shon Lindauer, who was really lovely! Thomas tattooed Hayley’s eyelid. She’s rock hard, Hayley.

After that I went shopping, but I won’t bore you with pictures of the dresses I bought because I’m not like most girls with a blog, haha. I also saw my friends after that for Rachel’s birthday. Here’s a hilarious picture of Joni:


I love glasses, but I’m glad Joni doesn’t actually have any if this is what he’d look like. He already owns that fucking old man hat.

Called my grandma today, for the first time in forever. I think she’s convinced me to go away for a weekend in Amsterdam. After hearing from Thomas and Shon how amazing it is, I think I might have to round up the troops to see who’s going. I’m not totally sure if I can afford it, but my grandma made an excellent point: if I go, I’ll probably want to go to the tattoo museum there- so I can also write about it and make half the money back, haha! Suddenly I don’t think I can’t afford it.

My mam also asked if I want to go away for a day at the end of the month to Sea Houses- could be cool. Plus, it’ll only cost £2.50 because it’s for some community crap my auntie’s involved in. Cool!

My pal Patrick Sullivan posted some cool coffee lids he’d drawn on on his blog yesterday, by the way. I think you should drop by his blog and convince him to make this a real “thing”! Patrick has also just posted something up about TLC while I’m writing this blog, it seems, so you should check that out, too. Patrick did these:


Any other news? None that you’d be interested in. Have a good weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “TLC = HIV”

  1. Hhahaha OH NO now someone will actually SEE these silly lids! Thanks for the link though, weird fringe tattoo writers unite!

    1. I think they’re class, hurry up and make it a “thing”, haha. You’re always welcome for the link mate, about to add you to the sidebar too, haha. We need a super secret writers symbol. Like the Thundercats one, but better.

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