Massive Mega Update.

Hey, I’m back! Did you miss me? What do you mean you hadn’t even noticed I’d been away?!

Well, whatever, I’m not dead, if anyone was wondering, just been unwell over the past week. It really sucks. I’m actually sick of the sight of my own bed, and no one should ever have to feel like that. This has been my constant view over the past week while I’ve been unable to move:

photo 1

So yeah, it hasn’t been all that bad. Yes nerds, I’m aware I haven’t been playing on my Gameboy Colour, but the battery life on an iPod is better. Good battery life is a necessity for Pokémon Yellow, as I get addicted very easily. Honestly, I’ve completed this game more times than I’d like to admit.

The Scavenger Hunt now has a Flickr page. I know, I’m so cool. If you want to join in with that, feel free to. If you don’t have Flickr, that’s cool too- you can use your Facebook or Gmail account to log in with it these days. To see that, click here. Since I’ve been ill, I haven’t taken too many pictures, but here’s one from this morning:


I love that stupid glass.

In other picture news, my good friend and all round groovy guy Adam Caudill gave me his old camera. I’m massively grateful and excited. Yesterday I loaded up some black and white film Joni had lying around, and I’ll use it for his birthday next weekend. Here’s a picture of beauty, who the fuck needs a Zenit now? 😉

cam Added in some lame cheesy effects to that picture. Still not sure why.

Joni is still really busy with the whole Bride of Vernon stuff. It rules. He now has a Facebook page for the film, and you all need to go and “like” it so you can see the trailer. Click on the poster below to look at that.

Oh yeah, I booked in a new tattoo yesterday, too. Having money saved at the studio is great, because it meant that even though I was unwell, booking in was still manageable, haha. Thanks to the lovely Siobhan, I was able to book in from my bed. Siobhan is now tattooing at Inkslingers for half price rates (as she’s an apprentice), as is Lauren. I’d suggest you book in with them if you can.

I will admit, I haven’t booked in with Siobhan (yet). I’ve booked in with Thomas Morgan for his guest spot with Shon Lindauer at the end of the month- excitement! If you didn’t already know, they’ll be at Inkslingers from the 30th- you can click here for that. Many people don’t know this, but I actually update the Inkslingers blog, by the way- if you just can’t seem to get enough of me (I know, I know), you should check that out- the guys put out some incredible work.


Thomas and Shon also have a great new blog called Tattoo Traveller. I know, it’s really spelled with one L, but I’m British and we speak properly here. Check that out for some cool travel and tattoo pictures, as well as the odd bit of news from the guys.


I’ve bombarded you with links today, haven’t I? That’s how slow this week has been, I suppose. Oh, before I forget though, I did manage to go out on Saturday night, before I got the flu. It was awesome, Laura and Nick know how to party. We made friends with pretty much everyone in there (and managed to avoid my boring ex boyfriend, who was also there- someone dragged him away from his X Box? I’m impressed with his friends.) so if we met you and you’re looking at this for some strange reason (some found me on Facebook- scary! :P), cheers for a good night out. Here are some pictures:

DSCN0399    DSCN0359  DSCN0442

DSCN0421  DSCN0444

Until next time, friends.

Oh yeah I’m dyeing my hair black again tomorrow, sorry.

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