The Traffic Light Photography Game

Here’s something you can do to help you take more pictures. If you keep finding yourself in the passenger seat of a car, anyway. Yesterday Joni and I were in the car coming home from town, so I decided to take a picture every time we stopped at a red light. Since we were in Newcastle’s City Centre, we stopped a fair bit, haha. You can also take a picture when you come to a stop for another reason, or if you just see something great, but they have to be from inside the car!



You may find things from the scavenger hunt while you’re there- here a yellow car:



There was a LOT of traffic yesterday, by the way. I think we hit rush hour.



I should also say this, by the way- if you’re going to do this, I would advise you wind the window down. Yeah, you can use a polarising lens and try to get rid of any glare, but why bother going to the effort when you can wind down the window in less than 5 seconds? Pretty much every speck of dirt from a car can show up in your pictures, as seen in another shitty self-portrait.


If you do something like the picture above, I think it’d be cool if you slowed the shutter speed a little and stayed very still. Everything outside of the car would blur, creating a cool feeling of motion. I was using my Nikon L110 yesterday though, so I didn’t really get the chance to try.


Hey, I used to live on the house on the very end of this ridiculously small street:


But now I live near this street:


I know, fascinating, right?

Sorry for the image-heavy blog post today. I’ll give you something with a little more substance tomorrow!


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