The word of the weekend is full. All I’ve done for the past three days is eat crap.

So we had a BBQ at Laura’s on Friday, then went to the lake. It was pretty nice, and the food was great. Shame I’d eaten BBQ food the day beforehand as well- I’m gonna be fat one day. On the bright side, if I end up a barrel, I can get more tattoos. It was so hot on Friday it was ridiculously awesome.


Tony, you’re a tiger Tony! Pose for me baby! Groovy baby!

Ahem. Anyway, the actual weekend has been a bit pap, thanks to the horrid weather. Yesterday was alright actually, but I had no plans. I got some work done and now I can post on Tattoo.TV again on the news page. Ch-check it out. I still have a few things to do tonight, then I’ll be sorted again for another week.

I also made this for the video blog:


Not bad for a first attempt at 3AM, haha.

Copey is leaving today. Oh no! He’s been doing the whole farewells stuff and he’s having people over tonight. You’d think this was a massive deal, but he’s only going on holiday. Either way, farewell Copey. We will miss you (not really).


I was really pissed off the other day, by the way. Remember that Zenit camera I finally got on eBay? The one I’d suffered for ages on eBay to get hold of? The one I’d been looking forward to using all week? I finally got an email on Thursday to say that the cretin who took money from me for it had broken it. I mean, I got my money back, but how ridiculous is this? I was livid.

Thankfully, my friend Adam has come to the rescue! Once we can figure out the postage costs and stuff, I’ll be the proud owner of a lovely Praktica. What a hero. I’m really excited! Adam and Sharron have always been really nice to me. If you live in Liverpool you should check them out at Northern Soul Tattoo. They rock 🙂


No scavenger hunt stuff today because my camera ran out of battery when all the cool stuff was going on.


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