It’s Not a Lair if it has a Postcode.

Hellooooooo internetz!

I’m a lot less sleepy today, it’s great. So yes, yesterday was awesome. I finally saw Joni since he’s back in Newcastle now forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but you get the idea.

Spongebob And Patrick

Yesterday we went to Joni’s house to hang out. I got to see his new film, which is freakin’ awesome by the way. It’s a short film called The Bride of Vernon. Whenever you can (I’ll probably tell you how) you HAVE to see it. I really loved it.


We also had a BBQ in the back garden, because the weather here is brilliant again! Woo! I love BBQ food. I think all food should be BBQed. Unless it’s cornettos. They’re fine out of the freezer. I think it’s just fun to play with fire, really.


We do love to play with fire. Rachel was there too, so we hung out in the back garden for ages, eating drinking and being merry. Joni’s garden is brilliant. It makes my garden weep with jealousy.


After that, Joni made me the greatest ringtone ever. I’m trying to find a way for it to play when you visit this site. Just for a week, I won’t be too annoying. It’s the best. In fact, I think someone needs to ring me up as soon as they read this so it can go off.

Oh yeah, next week we’ve been talking about making a video blog thing… not a “vlog”, mind, because that word is fucking stupid. Motion Picture Misadventures is probably more fitting- snappy, right? So I’ll be coming at you with that next week. We’re going to pick some place to go first. Thankfully we live in the greatest city in the world (jelly?) so there’s loads to do here.

Also, keep an eye on Tattoosday UK today, where I’ll be announcing the name of the winner of the Body Art book. I’ll probably put up something else cool too. Hopefully Joomla won’t shit all over my life, and I’ll be able to post news to Tattoo.TV, too. While you pee your pants in anticipation, here’s one last picture while I slip away into the night like a lost lover.


BAM! Another find for the scavenger hunt. Oh yeah, I’m class.

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