Joni is actually back.

Hey guys, guess what? Joni is officially back today!


I’m not going to lie, the rest of the week will feel pretty uneventful until Joni and I hang out on Thursday. It’s good to have my best friend back properly.

Alexa sent me a message before saying that Tattoo.TV’s servers work now or something, so you can expect news again. Cool. I’ll also be sending the delightful Bob Baxter some more stuff before Thursday to go on Tattoo Road Trip. Oh yeah, you can see a new one here about looking after your tattoos in the sun. I’m extremely happy writing for this blog, Bob has made me feel very welcome. Oh yeah and I’m still babbling shite on Tattoosday UK, but I’m sure you’re cool enough to know that.

So there’s that, anyway.

I saw Kamikaze Girls for the first time on Saturday night, and I’ve already seen it once again since. I love it. If you don’t know, it’s about two girls who are completely different (one is a Lolita girl, one’s a badass in a girl biker gang) yet somehow make friends and make gang history. And it has the wonderful Anna Tsuchiya in it.

Anyway, I totally love it, so does anyone have any suggestions for another Japanese film like this? I’d be grateful.

Anything else today? Oh, I saw the sunrise again today, it looked really nice:


Do I have a sunrise on my scavenger list? I’m not too sure- for now, I think I’ll be updating the list at the end of every week to see what I got, so hopefully I can add this in.

Until next time, losers.

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