Sunshine Pirates.

It’s all go up here at the minute.

I sort of like it, to be honest, even if tomorrow could possibly be slightly hellish, haha. The weekend was fairly chilled out though, since I only really have to write a little bit over those two glorious days beginning with S. Yesterday I hung out with Paul, and managed to win a game of pool- woo! My sunglasses were caught up in the whole mess of it though:


I might just not fix them and pretend I’m a sunshine pirate. At least I managed to sort out #88 of the scavenger hunt: a pair of sunglasses.

Today, it was my friend Copey’s birthday, so we hung out this afternoon with him. It was pretty nice to see my mates and hang out in the sun. This picture of Ben is probably the best from today:


Try to get your head around that.

I also did a bit of work today, and Bob posted another of my articles on Tattoo Road Trip. You can check that out here. Today I’m harping on about sun protection, because I feel like it’s actually pretty important. I see a lot of people who have shit tattoos, not because of the tattooer, but because they haven’t bothered to look after their skin and tattoos properly. If you’re graced with the honour of a great tattooer’s work, I think you should at least look after it.

Anyway, tomorrow (technically today actually, it’s just after 1AM) I am writing a lot, and doing this modelling for Franny. I’m not totally sure how it’ll all pan out time-wise, so I see a short list in my foreseeable future which I’ll have to stick to. It’s supposed to be a bank holiday, as well!

Like I said, it’s all go up here.

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